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On behalf of all our company I want to say many thanks for qualitative work. Separate thanks to Nikolay and the designer who worked with our order for understanding, patience. It was very pleasant to work with you. In spite of the fact that...

Travel company "Verkhovoy kruiz",
Zolina S. V.

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About us

The "ControlStyle" company was founded in summer 2003 by the graduates of USTU-UPU (Ural State Technical University). Its entrance to the market of services on developing and designing websites was marked by the appearance of creative designer projects and ideas.

Today, we are an independent modern enterprise dynamically developing and offering various internet services for any sphere of our customers' needs.

We find our strength in taking a non-standard approach working with projects (It's common nowadays). We embrace an individual approach to each customer. Your wish is always taken into account as we are trying to look at developing a project with a client's vision. Each of our internet sites is created from the start according to your personal wish which is why any project of our design-studio is unique. There are no similar websites or internet store. We propose to our clients only the things they really need and will have a great return on investment in future. And finally we really love the things we create.

At the moment our company offers any design service, professional website development, and multimedia presentations of any difficulty, creating video clips and 3D animations. We have a professional photographer, video-operator and a specialist engaged in composing music. Moreover we have our own development of different specialized programming software (for personal needs and for wide application).

Our enterprise is interested in long-term partnership. That's why we are always open for developing new partner relationships. Only mutually beneficial partnership can be a base for effective profit gaining.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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