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Our acquaintance to company "ControlStyle" has taken place in the beginning 2004 year. We have needed to have an our site, and young people come to us have offered help in development and creation of it as site of the trading set "Alchemy"...

Rock-shop "Alchemy",

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Aphorisms about deep sense of site creation Aphorisms about the methods of site promotion:

We don't have a site! Firm information

will be spread by fax, 10 years will pass

And everybody will know about us!


I have decided to build a site,
But it I shall not promote -
It is jus for me,
I do not know what it's about.
I got used to old times-
I don't need internet!
Why are there no clients?
Maybe I have to build a site?
Try and order zany site,
Also don't even promote it,
You may distribute it on CDs -
Then millions will know....
I have a large office,
Many clever managers
My competitors have sites
And I'm like....
We have made an abrupt site,
It has many sections,
But nobody can see it....
So why we have invested money?
I've hired a guy to build a site,
For 100 bucks
Well what a blot he did...
A blot on www.narod.ru?
My director made a site,
And ordered to "make sale"
But nobody knows about
The existence of this site
It's easy to order a site
But trust it to a pro
Don't make orders
From people you don't know...
If you haven't promote your site,
Then you don't know the SEO
So sell your hosting then,
Because there's no sense in it...

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Evgenij V. Kovylin,

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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