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Yandex logoProbably, it is possible to tell, that for today the Yandex is the most advanced search machine in Russian Internet both by way of convenience of use, and by way of total size of proindexed pages. However, recently it became appreciable, that its index have a lof of SPAM owing to what the Yandex by search gives out or a plenty of useless doorway-results (the pages specially created for promotion of this or that resource), or successively one pages - twins. However, the question will be not about it in present article.

There are no secret, that the proceeding traffic from search machines is huge. It is obvious, that it is necessary to optimize the interface of access to search, and also a HTML-code of the pages, given out to users to reduction of its volumes. Well, most likely, the experts working in a Yandex, so do not consider (a fragment of a HTML-code of page of results of search ):


     # Уточняющие чекбоксики под строкой поиска
     # Чтобы не случилась помойка, когда пользователь задал кучу
     # уточняющих параметров, показывать их будем небольшими дозами
     # со следующими приоритетами

   <!-- уточнение по региону или по рубрике каталога -->

   <!-- по просьбам пользователей даем возможность искать внутри региона,
        но если нет уточнения по рубрике, искать в найденном   -->         <td nowrap><input type="checkbox" value="сайт" name="holdreq" id="check1">&nbsp;<label for="check1">в найденном</label>&nbsp;</td>  
 <!-- пользователь с Украины -->      <!-- но флаг взведен -->

        <td nowrap><input type="checkbox" value="-54---" name="rstr" id="check2">&nbsp;<label for="check2">в регионе: Екатеринбург</label>&nbsp;</td>
   <td width="99%" align="right">&nbsp;
    <input type="hidden" name="stype" value="www">


Besides a rich set of useless HTML-comments, there are lot of symbols of spacebar in a code. No, it is clear, certainly, that the mechanism of delivery of results of search of a Yandex uses XML, that HTML-patterns there are not imposed as usually, and is used XSLT. But really to experts and a management of the project absolute all the same, how many the traffic visitors spend for use of their services?

And in fact optimization (let at all very big) a HTML-code of page is quite trivial task! It is enough to delete comments in the module of conclusion HTML and to transform sequences of blanks (and symbols of tabulation) to one blank symbol. The program on PHP, making the minimal optimization of a code, will consist of 4 (!) lines:

# deleting comments
$html_code = preg_replace('/<!--(.*)-->/Us', '', $html_code);

# deleting empty lines
$html_code = trim($html_code);
$html_code = preg_replace('/^(\s*)$/m', '', $html_code);

# deleting spaces of lines
$html_code = preg_replace('/^(\s+)/m', '', $html_code);

Let's count, as far as it is possible to reduce volumes of that, separately taken page of a Yandex. Its primary size - 28014 bytes. After processing by the above-stated code - 26468 bytes. If take out Javascript in a separate file (which, with the big degree of probability will be cache) - 24643 bytes.

Thus, the Yandex forces the users to spend the traffic for 12 % more, than followed. Probably, not so big figure for separately taken user of system a Yandex. And how with the common final traffic? On statistics, to a search part of a Yandex in day about 30000000 inquiries are carried out. The majority of them - inquiries to pages with results of search (i.e. to such, as that which analysis has just been made). By simple calculations it is possible to count, that for one day the Yandex generates about 100 Gb (!) the superfluous proceeding traffic. Useless expenditure of the traffic for each user makes 100 kb in day on the average. Prodigally... Even for a Yandex.

P.S. No, I, certainly, use and I shall use a Yandex as it is pleasant to me. But it would be time to best Russian net search system to follow an example even the same Google, at which everything is all right with optimization of pages.

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