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Probably, to each person daily using e-mail, is what to tell about a spam. Only to me daily comes about 60 letters of a spam. I using the dispatcher of letters (The Bat), I remove a spam directly on a server, and, accordingly, I do not read any advertising message.

On statistics, the number of the persons who have responded on spam advertising, hardly reaches 0,2% from all number of the users who have received message absolutely unnecessary them. Frequently this fact is not advertised by spamers before directly customer of dispatch. However, in view of that dispatch of one advertising message is made at once several millions users of a network, the number interested can reach from 1000 up to 2000 person.

Concept of a spam

spamIt agrees articles the Spam - what is it? on a site Viruslist.com, the spam is the anonymous mass not requested dispatch. That is, to name dispatch by a spam, it is necessary and enough that it corresponded to three definitions:

  • anonymity;
  • mass character;
  • not requesting.

As to anonymity then, certainly, the question is the electronic address of the sender of the delivered letter. Certainly, if to speak about commercial phone or the post address of the advertizer is necessarily underlined in the letter (and differently, what for then to advertise something?).

Methods of struggle against a spam

There is a set of methods of struggle against a spam, distinguished both by a principle of the organization, and on the efficiency. However, any method is reduced, as a rule, to one - to decision-making on, whether the concrete message is spam or not. This decision can be accepted:

  • The addressee of the letter (manually);
  • Special the program - filter (automatically);
  • Special the program - filter with an opportunity of training and updating of automatic actions by the user (semiautomatic device).

Automatic and semi-automatic systems demand careful adjustment and training and do not guarantee correct definition of a spam that can cause loss of the important correspondence.

The most effective and convenient, in my opinion, is the manual method of sorting without reception of all mail (however, all this equally takes away time from the addressee of letters, and time - money). Such approach is possible, for example, at use of post program The Bat!. It is enough to press a combination of keys Ctrl+F2 to cause the Dispatcher of letters, to see the list of messages in your letter box and to specify concrete actions for each letter. Advantage of this approach - its practically absolute faultlessness and economy of the traffic.

Spam and the legislation

Unfortunately, in Russia the most important method of struggle - struggle against a spam at a legislative level till now was not used. Since 2004 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation debate concerning acceptance of legislative measures with reference to mass advertising dispatches were conducted, but, only on February, 22, 2006 the law "About advertising" has been in a new wording accepted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the third, final reading. So, according to the law (to an item 18):

  1. Distribution of advertising on networks of telecommunication, including by means of use of telephone, facsimile, mobile radio telephone communication, is supposed only under condition of the preliminary consent of the subscriber or the addressee to reception of advertising. Thus advertising admits distributed without the preliminary consent of the subscriber or the addressee if distributor of advertise will not prove, that such consent has been received. Distributor of advertise is obliged to stop immediately distribution of advertising to address of the person who have addressed to him with such requirement.
  2. Use of networks of telecommunication for distribution of advertising with application of means of a choice and (or) a set of user's number without participation of the person (automatic dial-up, automatic dispatch) is not supposed.

For infringement of the specified items of an item 18 laws "About advertising" the penalty up to 500000 roubles is stipulated. The law inures since July, 1-st, 2006.


Of course, the spam of me irritates, but considering objectively a question, I can not understand one - why it is necessary to forbid a spam? In fact, as a matter of fact, the spam differs nothing from advertising on TV, in city or in a letter box (is present in view of what, as a rule, settles down in an entrance of a house and it is cleared of advertising dust not less often, than a box of my e-mail). We also pay money for access to TV (an aerial service), as well as for access to the Internet. And besides nobody asks us that, when or whom to advertise. There in what a difference? The question, probably, was and remain rhetorical...

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