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Experts of search optimization for a long time use the automatic and semi-automatic program systems facilitating work and time expenses for sumitting a site to various information services and thematic directories. If say about the most known programs, it Allsubmitter and Smile SEO Tools. The essence of such programs consists in automatic filling forms which before sending are checked on correctness of filling direct by the person (at work in a semi-automatic mode). The semi-automatic mode is considered most the best way qualitatively to register a site in a plenty of catalogues.

The key moment at autofilling the form is the select of the category most suitable on subjects from beforehand predetermined list., apparently, the elementary for manual performance by the person, automatically enough it is difficult to realize this procedure, as the list of possible{probable} categories is a priori unknown to the expert recording a site in catalogues.

It is necessary to note also that fact, that lists of categories frequently represent in a pseudo-hierarchical kind by means of various dividers of words (">", "::", "-", "|"). Thus, physically the list of categories on web-page has flat structure.

In widely popular program Allsubmiter autoselect of a category is based on the list of keywords. Words are set by way of reduction of their priority, for example:

tourism rest tour service agenci other miscellaneous another

First the program analyzes under the order of a category in the list on presence of the first keyword, then, in a case not findings of conformity, to be prospected on presence of the second keyword and so on until there will be a category which name contains a keyword. Not always as a result of application of the given way of an autoselect of a category the true result turns out. For example, the described way is powerless for such list:

Tourism > Hotels
Tourism > Boarding houses
Tourism > Agencies

In this case the program will make an incorrect select of a category "Tourism > Hotels". The method described above is inefficient at autoselect of a category (on statistics the category gets out correctly in 50-75% of cases) and demands completion, complication of the analysis of the list.

The author of this article had been developed a new technique of autoselect of a category from the list, giving on 85-95% true result provided that the category suitable on subjects actually is present in the analyzed list and the list of keywords is made correctly.

The essence of a technique also consists in preliminary drawing up of the list of keywords, an arrangement of them in decreasing order a priority and the subsequent analysis of the available list of categories. Having list Li, (i=1..n) from n keywords, we shall enter concept of weight of a keyword:

Автоматический выбор категории при регистрации в каталогах, формула расчета веса ключевого слова

Analyzing consistently categories of list Kj, (j=1..m), we receive parameters of total weight for each category (the sum of weights of all keywords contained in the name of a category):

Автоматический выбор категории при регистрации в каталогах, формула расчета суммарного веса категории

Finally, the category having the greatest total weight Wcym j will be the most suitable for the list of keywords. Thus, due to introduction of weight of the keywords, the described technique allows to yield exact enough results even at the analysis of lists with similar names of categories.

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