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ZAO "SK-Teplomontazh" offers the European equipment of autonomous heating systems: gas and electric furnaces, water heaters, liquid fuel furnaces, burners, boilers, regulators and radiators. The company carries out projecting, assembling and...

ZAO "SK-Teplomontazh",
Ryakov A.

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Joint-Stock Company "BILLON" the enterprise on manufacture and processing of precious metals, is located in territory of one of the largest jeweller factories in Russia - LLC «Yuveliry Urala» (Ekaterinburg), based in 1896 and processes gold, silver, platinum and other metals of platinum group (a palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium).

Now Joint-Stock Company "BILLON" fruitfully cooperates more than with 350 Russian enterprises obtaining and using in manufacture precious metals, with 26 companies of the countries CIS.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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