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We have addressed under the recommendation of company "Fotomir-Vigoros" to company "ControlStyle". We are very pleased with the choice. Employees of company "ControlStyle" are young creative and modern people. They are the true pros on the...

Khilay V.

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Austrian international consulting company, representing the professional services in Ukraine, Russia and countries of Central and Eastern Europe the sphere of investing, legal and tax consulting and also the whole spectrum of services connected with renting and purchasing a property in Europe.

From 2005 "LUCKY MASCOT Handels Gmbh" actively works in the area of international taxation and audit: in close cooperation with advocatory firms. The company is leading in the area of international property management via their authorized agents. The services for VIP clients are specially tailored and are the global decisions of optimal (from the tax point of view), secure and considerate management of your property. Among the clients there are: grouped together enterprises and wealthy people from Eastern and Central Europe, wealthy people from the former Soviet Union Republics and from Western Europe.
One of the directions this company operates is working with the jewelry, with diamonds in particular. The service spectrum is from choosing in the catalogue to delivery.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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