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Open Company "MakroPack" realizes the necessary goods which can be used in bars, cafe, hotels, sanatorias, the improving centers, saunas, baths, etc.

Now the enterprise suggests:

  • Balloons from latex and flexmetall, and also the accompanying goods to them;
  • Mini perfumery and accessories for hotels (shampoos, gels, a soap, sets, dressing gownes, slippers);
  • Gift packing (bows, a tapes, a papers, handbags, tapes, boxes);
  • Packing materials (stretch and termotape, adhesive tapes, tapes and polypropylene twines);
  • Packages (packing, for dust, such as "vest", bags with various handles);
  • The accompanying goods for cosmetologic and medical procedures (disposable bedsheets, towels, oilcloths for pack);
  • The goods for holidays and dressing (paper and glass ornaments);
  • Disposable utensils (plates, glasses, spoons, ornaments for a table).

The assortment of production is designed both on retail, and for wholesale trade.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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