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The "ETS-Ural" company sells the welding apparatuses and accompanied equipment in Ekaterinburg, offering its clients a wide selection of welding tools of different types such as: sources for the manual arc welding, half-automatic and automatic...

Ipatov S.

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Modern scientists consider, that ride is a magnificent emotional shake-up, discharge from nervous reality. And to what to compare emotional influence of ride in the early morning in a waking up wood, in a meadow still damp from dew or in suburban park deserted in this hour, filled with singing of birds? French professor J.Lalleri has said: "Rides give feeling of independence, allow alone adapt to circumstances, finding out thus what it is possible to live with pleasure, and not just in a pressure and suffering".

Ride complex "Verkhovoy kruiz" (Ioshkar-Ola) offers various bicycle, horse and other tours.

Ride tours represent the complex of services including training to a horseback riding, learning in an open arena, departures horse routes of a different degree of complexity, horse equipment, residing, feed and additional services (karaoke, Russian bath, rent of a mangal, billiards, tennis, board games).

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