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ZAO "SK-Teplomontazh" offers the European equipment of autonomous heating systems: gas and electric furnaces, water heaters, liquid fuel furnaces, burners, boilers, regulators and radiators. The company carries out projecting, assembling and...

ZAO "SK-Teplomontazh",
Ryakov A.

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06/01/2011Відкриття нового напрямкуMore info

В зв'язку з запуском нових проектів, ігор для соціальних мереж, пропонуємо роботу розробникам ігор на різні посади. Для поточного проекту відкриті слудуючі вакансіЇ: flash-программіста, программіста серверної частини, художника, 3D-моделлера. Звертатися до керівника ігрового відділу Сергія .

12/14/2010New product releaseMore info

Started up a new project: links broker "Linkum".

07/02/2010New product releaseMore info

After a long tests we start the web-service DriveLink, which allow automatically moderate the links in such brokers as Sape, MainLink, LinkFeed, SetLinks (list of brokers in the future will be expanded).Released the free script CS Stickers, designed for project management in small workgroups.

07/01/2010Website promotionMore info

Signed agreement on the promotion site http://gmg.com.ua "GMG" Ltd (marble, granite, onyx).Ключевики: камнеобработка, полы из мрамора, камин из мрамора, мраморные лестницы, столешница из мрамора мрамор, мраморные полы, камнеобработка, изделия из мрамора, гранит изделия, изделия из гранита, гранит, кухонная столешница, мрамор гранит, оникс камень, оникс.

11/30/2009Website developmentMore info

Launched into service online store contact lenses "66 Lens" (Ekaterinburg). A distinctive feature of the project - the adaptation of the project under the search engine and customer optimization.

11/11/2009New product releaseMore info

Released software package CS Sape Master, designed for use with links broker SAPE and allows to simplify some of the daily operations by providing for both webmasters and optimizers for further functional.

07/01/2009Website promotionMore info

Agreement about group of companies "Сommand of the Security Service " web-site promotion is signed. The main activities: site protection, protection measures, fire alarm, personal security, testing staff, security alarm, checking the premises, video surveillance, tracking of goods, guard training, legal protection).

04/22/2009Website developmentMore info

Put into operation a web-shop "1Good" (Ekaterinburg). The distinctive feature of the project - the use of the slider with JQuery implementation of an interactive web site, as well as the unique search that takes account of typos and incorrect spelling of names of goods.

01/26/2009Information messageMore info

New partnership-agreement was signed between company «ControlStyle» and study-center "Perspektyva-ХХI vik" (Kiyv). Special training course was worked out and successfully implemented in "Perspektyva" which is devoted to SEO-skills and is called "Website promotion within the framework of the search-systems". According to this agreement students of this SEO-course will start studying up-to-date software Yazzle which is developed for website-promotion. «Perspektyva-ХХІ vik» is the largest studying computer-center. Since 1992 it has a leading place on the study-services' market. This center provides short-term learning courses, giving opportunity to participate in more than 30 courses and trainings (including web-design, computer graphics, website promotion, SEO and development)Study-center's official website - http://www.xxi.kiev.ua

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