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We have addressed under the recommendation of company "Fotomir-Vigoros" to company "ControlStyle". We are very pleased with the choice. Employees of company "ControlStyle" are young creative and modern people. They are the true pros on the...

Khilay V.

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02/25/2005Web-store developmentMore info

The contract with the company "Orgtekhnika-plus" (one of the famous enterprises of Ekaterinburg on delivery and service of office technics, computers, account materials) on creation of web-shop is signed.

02/23/2005Web-store developmentMore info

The project of web-shop of company "DASS-Ekaterinburg" is released. By the way, the design of the bussinescard of the above mentioned company is created.

02/20/2005Information messageMore info

We offer you new services: development corporate wallpapers and WAP-sites.

02/18/2005Website developmentMore info

Development of web-shop "Fotomir" is completed. Work above web-shop of company "DASS-Ekaterinburg" (sale of auto accessories) is started.

12/29/2004Information messageMore info

We congratulate all ours clients on coming New Year!

12/28/2004Website developmentMore info

For last week web-sites of company "Vitek-Ural" and rock-shop "Alchemy" have been released.

10/10/2004Website redesigningMore info

Restyling of web-site of Joint-Stock Company "Urals Computer Plant" is made. It is nesessary to see the new version here.

09/20/2004Multimedia-presentation developmentMore info

The multimedia-presentation for Joint-Stock Company "Urals Computer Plant" is created. It is possible to see it in section Our works.

09/03/2004Information messageMore info

Attention! We offer new service - the corporate screensaver - for the enterprises supporting the corporate style.

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