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The "Technoligiya Bezopasnoisti" (Eng. Security Systems) company is engaged in the wide spectrum of activities in the field of security systems and electric equipment. The enterprise offers their customers practically everything they need...

"Tekhnologiya bezopasnosti",
Glazkov A.

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CS Soviet Direktorov - accounting system for the secretary of Board of directors of the joint-stock company, assigned for accounting and document formating.

Screenshot of CS Soviet Direktorov

Now the account system has the following functions:

  • Conducting a uniform database of the account of document circulation of the secretary of board of directors of joint-stock company.
  • The account of members of board of directors according to biographical particulars.
  • The account of various forms of carrying out of sessions.
  • Conducting the list and the account of places of carrying out of sessions of Board.
  • Conducting the list and the account brought on consideration of Board of questions.
  • Conducting the list and the account of projects of decisions on brought questions.
  • The account of payments of compensations to members of Board.
  • Conducting the list and the account of spent sessions of board of directors.
  • Formation of documents of various forms on the basis of the registration data of system.
  • Opportunity of forms updating of the documents without intervention in the basic program code of system.

Download demo-version

Latest version:: from December, 18, 2006.
Cost of one license - $385.
The demo-version is accessible for downloading.


  • Nikolay Yarovoy, the project head.
  • Dmitry Domozhilov, the programmer.
  • Konstantin Stalevarov, the designer of the interface.

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