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We still had only pleasant impressions, with work by company "ControlStyle". Employees of firm have shown efficiency in redesign of web-shop, performed work before the coordinated term (!) with the suitable prices. Also the understanding of...

Fotomir Company,
Khilay V.

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Free script sticky leaves. Represents a simple system management tasks / projects, designed for small working groups.


The latest version is available here.
The product is distributed free of charge on an "as is".


  • Unlimited number of users.
  • One administrator.
  • Each user can add tasks.
  • Any remote task, you can restore or view.
  • Task Users can attach the file.
  • Supported BB-codes.
  • There are several order of visual processing.


  • PHP 5.x support SQLite.
  • Apache or another HTTP-server.


  • Dmitry Domozhilov, programmer & idea.
  • Dmitry Brytkov, Semen Molokanov, Nikolay Yarovoy, testing.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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