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On behalf of all our company I want to say many thanks for qualitative work. Separate thanks to Nikolay and the designer who worked with our order for understanding, patience. It was very pleasant to work with you. In spite of the fact that...

Travel company "Verkhovoy kruiz",
Zolina S. V.

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It is the programming click monitor on Yandex advertising network ads. The Direct collects information about the whole range of click parameters on the given site.

Attention! This program does not make any modificaions to the advertising coding of Yandex. The Direct does not violate the conditions of participation in Yandex1advertising network.

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CS Direct Monitor capabilities

The following data record goes to the CSV file format with every click:

  1. the date and the time of click;
  2. the clicked link text;
  3. the domain of advertiser;
  4. the site page where the clicked ad was placed
  5. the page from which a refer was made to the current page ("referrer");
  6. IP address from which the click was made;

Setting up and configuring

  1. Unzip the dmonitor.zip archive into the root catalogue of your site
  2. Link in the HTML-code pages with ads the dmonitor.js file the following way:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/dmonitor.js"></script>

3. The set up is complete. The click statistics will be recorded into the file /dmonitor/data.csv.

The technologies used:

  • Javascript (AJAX).
  • PHP (if needed, the program can be easily ported to other languages - Perl, ASP and so on).

The compatibility with browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher.
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher.
  • Opera 9 and higher.

Last version: 0.5 from 02th of February, 2008
Free distribution.

1 «Yandex» and «Yandex.Direct» - the trade marks of «Yandex» Ltd.

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