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The " Evergreen Nurseries " website was finished a month ago and now we can say that it brought us closer to our customers. The new website contains a lot of plant pictures which allows people to see what they are going to get. We have noticed...

Evergreen Nurseries,
Tanya Bishop

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The utility intended for estimation of cost and complexity of promotion of a site in search systems. The program search links from sites and makes an estimation of "rank" of referring pages, simultaneously calculating the provisional budget necessary for promotion of a site. There is an opportunity of export of the obtained data in format CSV (supported by Microsoft Excel). Russian version is accessible only.

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  • Nikolay Yarovoy, the leading developer.
  • Dmitry Domozhilov, the programmer.
  • Konstantin Stalevarov, the designer of the interface.

Last projects:  Contact lens, Ekaterinburg

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