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The "Technoligiya Bezopasnoisti" (Eng. Security Systems) company is engaged in the wide spectrum of activities in the field of security systems and electric equipment. The enterprise offers their customers practically everything they need...

"Tekhnologiya bezopasnosti",
Glazkov A.

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Our translation agency has asked the studio «ControlStyle» autumn 2009. Before us is the pressing issue of the functional improvements of our site, to make it convenient for potential customers translation and for translators, for whom the site was necessary to provide the ability to send resume to our Human Resources Department. Specialists studio lent an attentive ear to all the technical requirements (and there were many!) And regularly performed refinement. Worth to pay tribute to the patience and enthusiasm of the programmers!

Thanks to the staff «ControlStyle» for the development of application modules - now our customers can order the translation of documents and send us the materials, without leaving the site, as well as the development of a module in the pricing of your order! Any user of the site can find out the approximate price for the transfer directly to the site, contact the manager of the Bureau. Number of requests for transfers has increased and we are confident that this is due to the expansion of the functional site!

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