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Our translation agency has asked the studio «ControlStyle» autumn 2009. Before us is the pressing issue of the functional improvements of our site, to make it convenient for potential customers translation and for translators, for whom the...

Translation Bureau Bues,
Ivan Molchanov

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The "Evergreen Nurseries" website was finished a month ago and now we can say that it brought us closer to our customers. The new website contains a lot of plant pictures which allows people to see what they are going to get. We have noticed that some customers are coming because they have looked at our website. We have the power to boost our sales having an additional tool: our own Control Panel where we can manage the information on the website. We had a small budget and we were glad that we found this Russian-Ukrainian company as an alternative. Working with them we realized that they are fully qualified programmers and designers. The whole team was supportive and we were also coached on the Control Panel usage. We now have a quality website which was brought in on budget by ControlStyle.

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