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It's rather difficult to find a company offering high quality work with an affordable price on the market of design services and web-projecting. We've been lucky to find such a company. This is a "ContolStyle" company with a group of young...

OC "Orgtekhnika-plus",
Chernykh A.

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Our company uses the latest trends in the sphere of internet development when creating websites (in Moscow and Kiev). The process of website creation can be divided into four steps: design developing, page layout and programming release of the whole site.

The structure of the site is projected according to the customer's requirements; design is developed from scratch by our designers avoiding the usage of widespread template prototypes.

Site page layout means the design in HyperText Markup Language XHTML. Our company implements page layout using only the latest XHTML standards - XHTML 1.0 Strict. Layout pages are always tested for the picture correction in the most popular internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Opera.

As a rule programming release of site creation is based on our company's development - the Content System Site Manager CS Site Manager (System Managing), but in some cases it can be developed from scratch if it's a special customer's requirement.

We are one of a few companies offering WAP Site (internet sites optimized for mobile phone display) creation in Ekaterinburg and Kiev. This option can be an effective addition to the basic site offering its visitors efficiency and mobility in accessing important information.

Services cost in Moscow:

- Business website creation from 15000 roubles;
- Corporate website creation from 30,000 roubles;
- Internet shop creation (website for internet trading) from 40,000 roubles;
- WAP Site development (website optimized for the screens of mobile phones) from 5000 roubles;

Services cost in Kiev:

- Business website creation from $1000;
- Corporate website creation from $1200;
- Internet shop creation (website for internet trading) from $1500;
- WAP Site development (website optimized for the screens of mobile phones) from $500.

For services cost in European countries please fill in the order form.

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