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Many thanks to the company ControlStyle for successful implementation of the project on table tennis http://tennis-table.com.ua . Today it is very difficult to find the company, having the executive team of professionals and associates, like...


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Any commercial website can turn into an effective business tool as long as it is able to bring information about its goods and services in an understandable and useful way to a big number of interested visitors (potential customers). Internet marketing is a set of methods which studies the target audience, attracts them and turns them into clients of the company. We offer the following services in the area of internet marketing (site promoting):

Marketing site audit

Before site promotion starts a web- project have to be analyzed for target audience reaction and search engine response (the procedure is the same for Ekaterinburg and Moscow). It's not a secret that the structure, navigation and also internet project presentation can in general influence visitors' behavior. If internet project is released ineffectively it influences its position in the search systems.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO in Moscow and Kiev)

CS SEO Manager - control your site promotion!Paid website promoting is aimed at visibility improvement in search engines when inquired and therefore its aim is to increase the number of targeted visitors (clients). This method of site promoting is considered to be the best by quality - price ratio but demands more time and a highly qualified specialist.

Non-search site promoting

It is attracting the target audience with the help of subject resource including banners and context advertising. Non-search site promoting as a rule is more expensive and time-consuming than search engine optimization. At the same time internet advertising is a tool and ideal addition to the site search promotion allowing quick reaction on competitors' actions.

Site promotion services cost

The budget figure for site promoting in Moscow and Kiev depends on the competition of the subject area. You can find out the promotion cost for the site by emailing the order form or reach us using the contact number (remember! there are two different contact numbers for Kiev and Moscow).

When ordering site promotion you pay only for the necessary positions in certain search engines and for the increase of site visitors to the required level.

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