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Many thanks to the company ControlStyle for successful implementation of the project on table tennis http://tennis-table.com.ua . Today it is very difficult to find the company, having the executive team of professionals and associates, like...


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The "ControlStyle" company experts use a lot of technologies when developing projects. In the following section you can view a short information about design and development methods applied when projecting, design development, programming, laying out and so on.

Web Design, development methods
Developing a website design we follow the following rules: Total graphic size of one developed page should not exceed 50-60 kb. In case of Flash-animation usage its total size should not exceed 200 kb. Besides there should be an alternative presentation of the same web-page without animation (for visitors who don't have Flash-player installed). Navigation on the developed site should be intuitively understandable to the user. Navigation of elements is not allowed in the Flash-clip. Website...

HTML coding of web-pages
When doing web-page layout prototypes our company basic standards should be followed. At present our basic company standards are as follows: Extensible Markup Language, XML 1.0 ; Transformation language, XSL (XSLT) 1.0 ; Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language, XHTML 1.0 / Strict ; Cascading Style Sheets, CSS 2.0 ; Object-oriented script programming language Javascript 1.5. XML 1.0 When using the Extensible Markup Language XML for presenting the inputted data its better to use the child...

Ours stadards of coding
The programming part of any internet project is performed using the PHP (Version 4) programming language. Developing any project one should follow the next ideological rules: Compliance. It is necessary to avoid applying new functions that appear in the late versions of PHP until these versions will be accepted by the most of hosting servers. Transferability. It is also necessary to check if the language extensions (which are not used by default) are present before engaging any function...

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