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The "Technoligiya Bezopasnoisti" (Eng. Security Systems) company is engaged in the wide spectrum of activities in the field of security systems and electric equipment. The enterprise offers their customers practically everything they need...

"Tekhnologiya bezopasnosti",
Glazkov A.

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Developing a website design we follow the following rules:

  • Total graphic size of one developed page should not exceed 50-60 kb.
  • In case of Flash-animation usage its total size should not exceed 200 kb. Besides there should be an alternative presentation of the same web-page without animation (for visitors who don't have Flash-player installed).
  • Navigation on the developed site should be intuitively understandable to the user. Navigation of elements is not allowed in the Flash-clip.
  • Website creation totally in Flash is not recommended.
  • For websites containing large information quantity it is recommended to use the serif font (Times)as the body type, and text color and the background should be in contrast to each other.
  • Internet-site should be displayed correctly when the screen resolution is 800x600 pixels or higher; with the color 256 colors or higher.

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