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We still had only pleasant impressions, with work by company "ControlStyle". Employees of firm have shown efficiency in redesign of web-shop, performed work before the coordinated term (!) with the suitable prices. Also the understanding of...

Fotomir Company,
Khilay V.

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Wallpaper Design JSC "Ural Computer Plant"

JSC "Ural Computer Plant"

Wallpaper for Joint-Stock Company "UCP"...

Project release date: 10/09/2004.

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Wallpaper Design Fotomir Company

Fotomir Company

Wallpaper for company "Fotomir"...

Project release date: 02/12/2005.

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Design development JSC "Ural Computer Plant"

JSC "Ural Computer Plant"

The advertizing leaflet for Joint-Stock Company "Urals Computer Plant"...

Project release date: 05/26/2005.

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Logo Development Stomatologic clinic "Medium-Gorod"

Stomatologic clinic "Medium-Gorod"

Trade mark of stomatologic clinic "Medium-Gorod"...

Project release date: 09/15/2005.

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Logo Development Fotomir Company

Fotomir Company

Trade mark for company "Fotomir" (wholesale of photoaccessories)...

Project release date: 02/11/2005.

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