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We have addressed under the recommendation of company "Fotomir-Vigoros" to company "ControlStyle". We are very pleased with the choice. Employees of company "ControlStyle" are young creative and modern people. They are the true pros on the...

Khilay V.

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Logo Development DASS-Ekaterinburg Company

DASS-Ekaterinburg Company

Trade mark for company "DASS-Ekaterinburg" (wholesale of automobile accessories)...

Project release date: 02/22/2005.

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Bussinescard designing DASS-Ekaterinburg Company

DASS-Ekaterinburg Company

Design of the businesscard for employees of company "DASS-Ekaterinburg"...

Project release date: 02/23/2005.

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Bussinescard designing Fotomir Company

Fotomir Company

Firm design of businesscard, developed for company "Fotomir"...

Project release date: 04/07/2005.

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