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We have addressed under the recommendation of company "Fotomir-Vigoros" to company "ControlStyle". We are very pleased with the choice. Employees of company "ControlStyle" are young creative and modern people. They are the true pros on the...

Khilay V.

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Website development Company "Industrial enterprise Aktay"

Company "Industrial enterprise Aktay"

Web-site of industrial enterprise "Aktay" (service of access to the Internet, manufacture of a communication facility)...

Project release date: 12/01/2005.

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Website development Wholesale base "Shartashskaya"

Wholesale base "Shartashskaya"

Web-shop of one of the famous enterprises in Uralsk the region, carrying out wholesale delivery of the consumer goods...

Project release date: 01/26/2006.

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Website development JSC "BILLON"


Site of the enterprise on manufacture and processing of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and others metals of platinum...

Project release date: 10/25/2006.

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Website development «Eutonazia Kordax» band

«Eutonazia Kordax» band

Web-site of Eutonazia Kordax band (Pervouralsk), playing style "apocalyptic black metal" . The purpose of work is graphics...

Project release date: 08/27/2006.

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Website development Information portal "Grot"

Information portal "Grot"

The information portal devoted to rock-music, gothic subculture, magic, to supernatural events in a history...

Project release date: 09/15/2004.

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